Real Estate Professionals

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Sort & Settle can Help get the Home Sold. 

Real Estate Professionals wear lots of hats and have to deal with many details in order to get to the closing table.

Sort & Settle works with Agents to help accelerate the process of selling the property.

Sort & Settle prepares the home for sale by removing accumulated items in a timely manner.

We facilitate 'foot traffic' when we host the estate sale day

Sale day brings lots of people through the home, including potential buyers and 'friends' of potential buyers. We share sales literature and pass any leads to the Agent.

You'll see additional 'buzz' created when shoppers visit the home in person.

Immediately after sale day,the home is empty, and ready for

  • Home cleaning

  • Repairs and/or updates  

All in preparation for the future owner.

There are lots of things to do to get to closing day.

Let us help you check those items off your list, and shorten the time to complete your sale and please your customer.

Our current Real Estate Professionals count on us as a valuable part of their home sale strategy.