Why Consign with Sort & Settle?

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We Make it Easy!

Our estate sale business creates a large network of people inquiring if we have certain pieces available at our sales. They are looking for fine pieces of furniture, artwork, ceramics, etc... Sometimes they have to wait months to find what they are looking for.

Most folks looking to sell a single piece (or set of pieces), are limited in selling through traditional consignment shops or through large online classified sites.

Traditional Consignment shops require you to organize and pay to transport the piece to the shop, and wait for the right buyer to find the piece. This may not be easy or convenient for sellers.

Online Classified options typically require you to invest personal time, energy, and money in managing the sale of your piece. Individuals become responsible for taking proper photos, posting, and screening & negotiating with many people to try and find the right buyer. This is time consuming for individuals with busy lives.

How can I consign my piece with Sort & Settle?

Sort and Settle consigns your furniture FROM YOUR HOME...No Need to Pay to Have it Moved to a Consignment Store!

The process is simple.  

Just show us your items, allow us to take pictures and measurements, and wait for your check! 

Sort and Settle previews all items before we accept them on consignment. The process is simple:


- Provide us your Contact Information

- Send us a description and photographs of the items you want to consign

- Let us know when you want to consign

- Review and accept our terms and conditions

- Submit your request... We will get back to you within 24 hours of your contact.

- Or Just Call Us @ 864-494-7842.


We will make an appointment to take pictures, measurements, and set the final asking price. Shoppers can purchase your consignment item online, or they may wish to see it in person. Sort and Settle will meet individuals for "in home" purchases as well as pickups, freeing you from the time, stress and frustration of finding your piece a new home.



Sort & Settle Consignment aims to reduce the burden on the seller by providing a PERSONALIZEDSAFE, and WORRY-FREE setting to sell your piece.

Our subscriber network is made up of many active buyers, not just lookers. They know what they want and are willing to pay a fair price for it. We take on the job of getting your piece positioned in front of the right kind of buyers, we screen the inquiries for you, and help educate the potential buyer on all the details. Ultimately, we help find your piece a new home.

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