Our Story

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A few years back, after a friend of my mother's died unexpectedly, I offered to help the family. Since her children were living out of town and had very busy work schedules, I offered to take on many of the tasks that needed doing to help clear their mother's estate. Packing up the years' treasures, organizing the details the children couldn't do long-distance, and arranging to donate remaining items proved to be of great relief to them.


After my mom's friend's home was cleared and sold, the family expressed how helpful it was to have someone who could take on the many details and could be trusted to follow through while they were away.

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Today, we help people all over the area organize and arrange the details that must be handled after such an event. Because of time, distance,  or the emotional stress and overwhelming number of details that must be completed, outside guidance is appreciated.


We began to offer help to more and more people facing similar dilemmas. Slowly, we realized that there was a real need for someone to assist people in this stressful time...to sort out accumulated belongings and help them settle the affairs of their family members.

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