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Why Sort & Settle?

Sort and Settle Services are designed to help families successfully manage, and execute the many tasks that must be dealt with whenever a Transition occurs. The process you are facing is the same one we have helped hundreds of families get through during one of the most stressful events in their lives. Many of our clients comment that they just don't know where to start. And even if they did, they weren't sure how they were going to get it all done in the time required.

Once you have had a chance to speak with us, we hope you will feel the same sense of relief and confidence that others have found... that it IS possible to get all this done without completely disrupting the other responsibilities you have.

Many of our clients say they were so happy to have someone experienced in all the details and requirements, help them take on this task so they could maintain control of their regular lives while helping to take care of a family member's affairs.

Who We Can Help

No two situations are the same, but anyone who is faced with the overwhelming tasks of Moving, Downsizing, or Transitioning of any type can benefit from our service.

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How to Get Started:

1    Call Us To Discuss Your Situation.  We want to know your circumstances. So we will listen to your needs and concerns.  We'll ask questions about what is most important to you and your family.  We will discuss your options,  so we can create a plan that will allow you to see a path through. We think you'll find your first discussion with us to be very informative and stress relieving.   

2    Present Our Proposal.  When we understand your situation, we will present you with a detailed proposal,  explaining our process throughout the job including an estimated value  of what your estate sale might bring.

3    Once Ready, Just Hand Over The Keys.  Sort and Settle will take over the job  from here. We'll tackle all the chores of sorting through, organizing, staging, researching, and pricing the items in your home.  We will arrange things in your home to make them easy to locate and attractively showcase your treasures. We will be prompt in communicating with you as things progress throughout the job.

4    Getting Ready For Sale Day. Prior to the Sale date we will advertise; using our well-traffic'd Facebook site, Craigslist, area newspapers, neighborhood flyers, local signs, and our well-developed  email marketing system generating excitement and anticipation of your upcoming sale.

5    Sale Day.  The sale will be conducted over a predetermined weekend.  We will  professionally staff and manage the sale from end-to end actively promoting items for maximum return.  After the sale, the entire home is emptied and ready for the next stage. Any leftover items will be donated per your wishes.

6    Time To Return Your Keys... Along With Your Proceeds.  A Final Sale Summary is completed, donation forms filled out, your keys are returned  and a check for the net proceeds is delivered to you.

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What Others Are Saying:

We're proud of the response we receive from so many clients and Sale Attendees Here are just a few:


  • Wonderful, hard-working ladies! They made a tough time so much easier!

  • Amazing company with the absolute sweetest customer service!!!!  My family could not be more pleased with this company! Thanks for all of your help in selling the furniture and items we are leaving behind!

  • Sort and Settle has been nothing short of a life saver for me. I hired them to clean out my parent's house of 38 years, and to say it was a daunting task is quite the understatement. It was something I couldn't do because I don't live locally, and I was too emotionally attached. Yet Frances and Barbara took on this job like the tenacious professionals that they are, and they did it in record time and the results blew me away!! I couldn't be more pleased. I am so thankful that there is a company (and trustworthy individuals like Frances and Barbara) in existence to take on this job for those of us who just can't do it. I can't thank you enough or recommend you enough!!!


  • The ladies of Sort & Settle are awesome. They really take the time and effort to make sure everything is organized and displayed nicely to ensure a lovely shopping experience! And the prices are excellent! If you are looking for home decor, furniture, or anything to complete your home, look nowhere else! My favorite purchases from Sort & Settle to date are rugs, lamps, and artwork that have really "made" my home. You will not regret shopping a sale, as there is something for everyone!

  • I LOVE this company!! Always clean items & houses, Always great treasures to be found, and they are ALWAYS so nice and happy to help find what you are looking for!!

  • Awesome experience with these ladies! They are an excellent team!

  • First time ever going to a sale. Everyone was so helpful & friendly. A very nice experience! ! Thank you so much! Highly recommended

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Sort & Settle BBB Business Review

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